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The period marked the start of a golden age for the Muslim empire, with the Abbasid rulers buying international status and selling artwork, science, commerce and business. But I thought Israel was weaponizing archaeology to erase all Muslim history! Imagine if the dog on a leash had been a distinguished lady corresponding to Nancy Pelosi, an individual of colour corresponding to John Lewis, or a Muslim such as Ilhan Omar? Tong Yao raised her eyebrows, then frowned when she remembered what Lu Sicheng mentioned about who the woman was. Then she would hold his pyjama bottoms out of attain above her head. The yeshiva had bother with the Irish, he said, “but the Negroes are more flagrant, extra audacious.” He smiled and added: “They have extra chutzpa.’ Chutzpa means gall, among other issues. “But with the Irish kids it was mostly a case of yelling a curse and operating. With testimony from his former girlfriends and the document that Bierenbaum took a flight on the day Katz disappeared, investigators moved forward with their case. The US Supreme Court had the opportunity to take action in 2015, when it dominated on a case introduced by Ari Zivotofsky to power the State Department to listing “Jerusalem, Israel” as the place of delivery for his son, Menachem, in conformity with a 2002 regulation handed by Congress.

That being the case, as soon as Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the US embassy there in 2018, it ought to have been just a matter of time for the State Department to alter its procedures on this matter as effectively. The research was carried out by Dr. Naama Sukenik from the Israel Antiquities Authority and Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef, from the Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Prof. Zohar Amar, Dr. David Iluz and Dr. Alexander Varvak from Bar-Ilan University and Dr. Orit Shamir from the Israel Antiquities Authority. Carbon-14 dating determined that they date from 1,000 BCE, the interval through which David and Solomon reigned in Jerusalem. The dog-man wears a collar from which hangs a Star of David. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the new legislation merely “determined in regulation the founding precept of our existence.” In reality, its main function is to construct a formal foundation for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank – and for a Jewish state ultimately to stretch over the entire of Palestine.

The phrases of the essential Law might make such an annexation simpler – but one can argue the alternative as effectively, since such an annexation would trigger severe problems to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Firstly, to counsel that President Trump dislikes Jews would have us imagine that he despises his personal daughter and grandchildren when precisely the opposite seems to be true. The position is inconsistent – Israel cared to be a Jewish state in 1948 it’s because it wanted to exclude the big numbers of Arabs, but now in some way Israel is keen to do the alternative? Now get over it.” So will they? He does not say that the fundamental Law contradicts the Declaration of Independence, but now he says that Israel is getting able to annex the territories – which might put Israel’s Jewish majority in danger, just as in 1948. But for some cause, the democracy that he implicitly agrees existed in 1948 and treats cynically for being democratic is now being considered a non-democracy and an excuse for a minority to rule a majority (or a huge minority) by denying the rights of the Arabs. So we can’t actually know why he thinks that it is one or the opposite, why the two ideas of democracy and a “Jewish state” cannot coexist, even with tension.